Morgan & Fettig Acquisition Form

Find out what your practice is really worth

Brokers International and Morgan & Fettig feel It’s important to plan for your financial future. Having an accurate valuation of your practice may help you optimize your exit strategy. But getting a proper evaluation isn’t as simple as summing up revenue and business assets. You should consider other high-worth variables, such as:

  1. Loyal customers to whom you have given excellent customer service.
  2. An exceptional assistant or staff that makes your company unique.
  3. Established branding and community loyalty.
  4. Your relationships with carriers, FMOs, and other business leaders, which will be valuable to your successor in building credibility and business.
  5. Even if you do not have recurring income (e.g., elder law attorney, annuity producer or financial representative selling A-share mutual funds or REITs, etc.), one day those trusts will come due or surrender charges on the annuities will be complete.

Your situation is unique, and Morgan & Fettig has the experience helping financial advisors, annuity producers, accountants and attorneys evaluate their practices –accurately, thoroughly and in a manner that reflects their years of hard work and dedication.

Fill out the form, or call an experienced professional at Morgan & Fettig today at 269.205.4772 to begin developing your high-value exit strategy.

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