Legacy MIA Promotion

Legacy Marketing Group® and Brokers International are looking for agents who are Missing IAction and will pay you to find them!

You could earn $250 per eligible case between October 1, 2017 and December 29, 2017.

Check out the promotion rules and tracking form below.

Promotion rules

 Eligible agents:

  • Legacy Marketing Group® contracted agents who have not written paid business on Legacy annuity products since May 2nd, 2017 or longer, and are included in the following:
    • Legacy contracted agents in Brokers International Sub-IMO organizations.
  • Any NEWLY recruited agents contracted during promotional period by the above.

Promotional period:

  • October 1, 2017 through December 29, 2017 (90 days).
  • Legacy annuity products submitted through Legacy during this promotional period only.
  • Cases must be issued and paid by January 31, 2018.


  • $250 paid to the referring Marketer during the promotional period.
  • Qualified cases must be outside the free look period prior to the bonus being paid.
  • One payment is eligible per agent referred (not $250 for each and every paid policy).
  • Legacy will disperse the compensation to Marketers of the firms who work with the eligible agents.
  • Marketer must be currently employed with Brokers International Sub-IMO at the time bonus is paid.

Complete this form and submit for each eligible agent case.

Call us at: 800.362.1097

Marketer must fill out a W-9 and will receive a 1099 from Legacy. We recommend you consult a tax advisor.

This promotion is offered solely by Legacy Marketing Group® and may be revised or cancelled by Legacy Marketing Group® at any time.