Compliance Approved Marketing Materials

Marketing is an essential aspect to growing your business. It’s also essential that you keep your marketing on the right side of regulators—and that can be tricky. Brokers International’s compliance team understands that talking to your clients about retirement strategies is one of the most important parts of your job and having the right marketing tools is paramount!

For that reason, we have provided some basic guidelines, tips and suggestions in recent blogs and Compliance Connection communications. But did you know that – as a contracted agent with Brokers International – you have instant access to a variety of marketing tools that are already compliance-approved?

From invitations to dinner seminars to customizable marketing content, our marketing team has created high-impact materials you can use to engage prospective and current clients. Each marketing asset is created with YOU in mind, making your marketing efforts as powerful yet low-stress as possible.

It can be difficult to stay ahead of the changing regulations of the insurance industry, so let us do it for you. Visit the marketing page on to review the programs available to you.

If you have questions regarding this or other compliance-related issues, send them to the Brokers International compliance team at As your partner, we’ll assist you in keeping your advertising on the right side of the regulators.

This information is intended for Financial Professionals who are insurance licensed only. If you are securities licensed please contact your Broker Dealer for their requirements.

These educational pieces are intended to be informative and provide generalized guidance. They should not be construed as legal advice or provide protection against compliance violations brought on by a consumer or state insurance commission. It is the sole responsibility of the financial professional to seek compliance or legal direction specific to their individual situation. These pieces should be used as a means to raise awareness and evaluate business practices.

For Financial Professional use only, not for use with the general public. #18-0027-012218